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Welcome back we hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.


February half term    13th -17th Returning on Monday 20th 

Inset day Friday 23RD March

Easter Holiday 3rd -14th April return on 17th April

May bank holiday Monday 1st and 8th

May half term 29TH - 2ND June Return on 5th June

Last day of term 20TH July.

Parent meetings

6th – 9th February 3.30 3.40 and 3.50 please arrange a time

Healthy Eating /Oral Health

As part of our Ofsted requirement, we have to offer guidance on healthy eating. Snacks should consist of a piece of fruit vegetables, crackers breadsticks cheese Lunch should contain some protein, e.g egg, cheese, meat, fish. Carbohydrate, e.g. bread wraps crackers, Dairy, e.g. cheese yoghurt. Fruit or vegetables you can include a small treat, e.g. crisps or biscuit.

NO nuts or products containing nuts as we have a child with a nut allergy   

We are also asked to advise you on oral hygiene such as visiting the dentist brushing your child’s teeth twice a day and limiting the sugar you child eats /drinks   we would really appreciate some photos of your child brushing their teeth or visiting the dentist to put on out healthy teeth display 



All about me

On your tapestry account is  a section titled about me we would really appreciate it if you could complete or update this for us thank you.


We would like to visit the library this term to do we would like some parent /carer volunteers please. The visits would be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


Please remember fees must be paid in advance.


Terri, Lesley Diane and Kathryn 

Our trip to the Food Bank

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