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Tips for a Healthy Snack and Lunchbox

Breakfast cereal. Pour some in a cup for an afternoon snack. Your toddler may enjoy picking out the pieces one by one. Choose a whole grain cereal that’s sugar-free or low in sugar. Add a dollop of plain, unsweetened yoghurt for extra flavour and dairy goodness.


Eggs. These are a great source of protein. Offer cut-up hard-boiled, poached or scrambled eggs


Apple sauce. This is another appealing way to add fruit to your child’s diet, and a great accompaniment for blander tasting foods like boiled potato. Buy the kind that has no added sugar or make your own apple sauce at home. Simply combine cubed, peeled apples with a tiny bit of water or lemon juice in a saucepan and cook on low heat until it’s soft enough to mash.

Cottage cheese. The lumpy texture could make this a fun snack for your toddler! Stir in some cut-up fruit or berries for some flavour, nutrients and crunch. When buying dairy products like cottage cheese for your toddler, always choose full-fat products at least until your child is 2 years old – reduced-fat variants don’t contain enough energy for your growing child.  


Breadsticks. A crunchy, unsalted breadstick has a great texture and is easy for your little one to hold. Dip it in hummus or yoghurt for extra flavour. Gnawing on a breadstick can also help ease your child’s teething symptoms.


Cheese. Cheese fingers, cheese cubes, little smiley faces cut out of cheese – the possibilities are endless. Add some chuns of apple into the mix for a winning combination of contrasting flavours and textures. Cheese is a good source of calcium and protein


Rice or corn cakes. You may think of this as a bland health food snack, but kids will love the crispy, crunchy texture. It’s also fun for your toddler to hold onto the big disk of puffed rice. Try spreading a little cream cheese or smooth peanut butter onto it for added flavour and nutrition.


Soft-cooked vegetables. Steamed or boiled broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and carrots can be fun snacks for kids because of their shapes. Broccoli and cauliflower can be little ‘trees’ and green beans are great for making pictures or patterns on the plate.


Yoghurt. Plain unsweetened yoghurt with some fresh berries or cubes of peaches or plums stirred in makes a great snack


Wholewheat pitta. Pitta strips can be really fun for your kid to dip in hummus.

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